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The real #TBTCredits: David Gray

The real #TBT
Credits: David Gray

I missed your skin when you were east…

I missed your skin when you were east…

Never forget…

Ed’s Twitter through the years.

He can fly! (+)

He can fly!

Labrinth / Ed (Edbrinth?)

Labrinth / Ed



Anonymous asked:


Let’s talk about cancer for a minute…

One way or the other, all of our lives have been touched by this terrible disease. We all have someone who’s gone through it, or we know someone, maybe a friend, an aunt, a cousin, your best friend’s mom… There are cancer stories all around us. 

I lost my grandma to it, and one of the most influential people in my life is currently going through chemo. Not just that, but I know way too many people who are dealing with a similar situation. 
So you know what? Fuck that. Fuck cancer. Fuck it. 

There’s something we can do though, and I think all of you know where I am going with this. Three dollars is all you have to donate. Three, 3, tres
Your Starbucks latte is more expensive than that! You’ve bought lipstick that costs more! This time around you can contribute just $3 measly dollars to help an amazing cause, and if in the process Ed Sheeran gets to take you out to dinner then so be it :P 

We’ve 3 days to raise 40k. 
If everyone from both my blogs donated $3, we’d make that amount in an evening! Hell, even more than that! 

So please, find it in your wallet heart to help. 
If you can, just use this link (HERE). This also helps Caitlyn get to the top ten, and guess what?! If she wins the VIP tickets, she;s going to take someone who hasn’t met Ed yet :D 
Holy shit, this is like a win-win-win kind of thing, am I right?!

There you have it. 
Donate, por favor!
Because fuck cancer.

Ed and Leo approve this message: